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Outcomes not Features and Benefits
11 Jun
STOP. Feature and Benefits selling - this is old school and so focused on you, your product/service NOT them - their real problems, their motivations, their desires and their needs to get outcomes ROI.
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Choose Which of These Two Assessments are More Predictive of Sales Success
10 Jun
Most people have little sense as to how assessments compare to each other - and even more have experience only with personality and behavioral styles assessments
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The Secrets Of Influence
9 Jun
This is from a story about Pre Suasion or as we like to call it Pre Framing on the LA Times - worth a read.

If you want to influence people don't try to persuade them. Use ‘pre-suasion’ instead.
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9 Rules You Must Read First to Successfully Building Your Sales Culture
25 May
There’s a wonderful Dan Pink book called, ‘To Sell Is Human,’ in which he indicates that more than 40% of our professional time is spent selling. 40%!
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3 Important Factors That Stops a Business Growing
15 May
What is stopping company’s today from reaching their full potential?
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Leaders How Do You Measure Up & Manage Change?
24 Apr
Question for you, one that I ask many CEO/MD and GMs - What is stopping your organisation from growing?
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