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22 Challenging Aspects in Sales

By Michael Lang

I was recently involved in a LinkedIn conversation on what is the most challenging aspects of sales you experience.

Here is a list from that conversation:

  1. Getting the attention/time of the very senior people in large organisations.
  2. Initiating engagement. Once a prospect is identified how do you best create a compelling discussion to begin a dialogue.
  3. Setting up the 2nd meeting - especially after there has been some resistance during the 1st meeting.
  4. Creating value in the eye of a person that doesn't yet see the value.
  5. The relationship building. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
  6. Getting your client's attention when you're selling a commoditised product.
  7. The feeling when you lose after a long and competitive battle. You’ve poured blood, sweat and tears into the pursuit only to get the stomach dropping, sickening news... it’s went to a competitor.
  8. Just getting started and picking up the phone or making a call to ask for a meeting.
  9. Getting a prospect to let their guard down and open up about challenges they deal with (building trust & rapport).
  10. Perfecting CRM usage.
  11. The mental game. Overcoming adversity!
  12. Prospecting and finding new contacts to reach out to can be difficult especially when trying to differentiate my product and the value it provides over other products.
  13. Going from interest via email communication to having a phone conversation.
  14. Being willing to fall and not be paralysed by a no.
  15. “The Gate keeper”.
  16. Managing internal expectations.
  17. Challenging prospects to break the status quo.
  18. Trying to sell solution without real value and try to convince other to buy it.
  19. Differentiating yourself in a saturated market enough for them to want to positively engage in a meaningful conversation.
  20. Managing the self-imposed ego of the client.
  21. Discipline to be consistent day in and day out for years on end.
  22. Educating customers to master products in a level that they never come back from how happy they are.

Can you relate to any of these?

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