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3 Important Factors That Stops a Business Growing

3 Important Factors That Stops a Business Growing

I’ve been around the block a few times and learnt from others as much as I’ve dropped knowledge upon them. From my well-founded research and observations, here are the 3 things that prevent companies from growing:

    1. Lack of self-awareness of the leader/leaders

We all have beliefs that propel us to be successful and self-limiting beliefs that hinder us. The biggest SLB that I come across these days is that there is little opportunity in the marketplace or "It's all about price". If you can understand your SLB even more and decide to change them, then you can start by assisting your people to do the same. If you are not willing to change and grow, why would you want your people to and why would you invest in them?

   2. Inability to make decisions. Delaying, living in denial, not moving forward, procrastinating
I have a client who bought two companies recently and then found out they were lemons. He needed to ramp up revenue quickly. He enlisted my assistance to analyse the sales team. Upon hearing the results and recommendations of actions to be taken, he wants to deliberate, think about, research more - not make decisions! Meanwhile, nothing has changed with his people, nothing has changed with his systems and process, and nothing has changed with his revenue. You may say he has made a decision - to do nothing. Is that a decision or a delaying tactic in making the right decision?

   3. Accountability
Too many leaders do not hold people accountable. Great people like to be challenged; the cream rises to the top. Could it be that leaders wish to be liked rather than say respected, by their people? Do we give people too much slack, do we delay what we know to be true and assist them in moving on?

It is of vital importance that people know what they are required to do, held accountable for these activities and results and coached/mentored and trained accordingly.

I had a client who, once he has made the decision to move people on has felt relieved, yet it should have been done months and months ago - for everyone's sake.

The quickest and easiest way to improve accountability - review Position Descriptions and include activities and measurement around those activates. Now everyone knows what's expected of them - no surprises!

For the sake of everyone in the company and yourself - get even more self-aware, be decisive and improve your accountability structure.

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