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3 People Walk into a Bar- A Follower & 2 Leaders

3 People Walk into a Bar- A Follower & 2 Leaders

If you had to choose between the ‘average’ coffee 500 metres up the road or the ‘great’ coffee 1km away, you’d probably walk the extra distance. How about choosing between an ‘average’ haircut and a ‘great’ haircut; this is a longer lasting decision.

Finally, consider an organisation under the control of an ‘average’ leader versus a ‘great’ one, the results of the latter- unparalleled.
A follower, an average leader and a great leader walk into a bar. It’s busy, a Friday night; they all head towards the bar in search of a drink. Several minutes have past as the follower stands patiently waiting for service. The average leader makes their way to the front and orders three beverages of the same type before walking over and sitting down at an empty table. While the great leader is waiting, they spend their time gathering their companion's drink order, perusing the menu for any shareable snacks and reading the name tags of the bar attendant. Great leaders raise the bar.You want to know the difference between an average leader and a great one?

Average leaders fix and do. Great leaders learn and build.
Leadership is demonstrated in small acts each and every day; the greatest leaders achieve more because they see how the little things equate to the bigger picture. They keep their followers running- and you know what, they want to run!Average leaders neglect their organisations, creating environments that are lousy places to work. They fail to improve themselves believing in quick fixes to patch up any grieves they encounter. They are result orientated but care little about how these results are ultimately achieved. This ‘result only’ attitude is the formula for toxicity. They leave their followers running on nothing but fumes.

If you still believe that problem stems and grow from the employees within an organisation, well that’s like blaming the sporting team without including the coach.

Consider this: in 2014, a Global Workplace Study by Tower Watson found that there is one clear driver of staff engagement in Australian workplaces and it’s not all to do with money or promotions. It’s about leadership at the top.
In the survey of 1000 Australian workers, of those who perceive their leaders – whether it’s the CEO or manager- as effective, 72% were highly engaged and only 3% disengaged. As opposed to an ineffective leader, with only 8% of their employees stating they were highly engaged, while the majority, 56% reported disengaged.

Engaged staff stated that they have the resources and support they need to do their jobs effectively; they would often spend extra discretionary effort on their jobs, and also reported that they receive the right emotional and physical support to feel good at work. Sounds like the perfect recipe to achieve your organisation's mission, while keeping staff for longer thereby reducing turnover. Alarmingly, the report also found that Australian leaders are lagging behind their international counterparts. Only 44% of Australian workers say their senior leaders are effective, compared to 52% globally.

Confidence, trust, influence- are you or your leaders instilling these?
Finding a great leader is hard but developing ‘average’ into ‘great’ is achievable. Imagine a leader who can utilise their language, skills, influence effectively and align their people even better? Isn’t it time leaders’ move from toxicity to harmony and find better outcomes? SG Partners offers you the chance to be an unparalled leader with passionaite and excited followers. We start with a leadership/management team assessment, finding your personal barriers to growth before coaching you to your business to success.

Invest in your leadership future.