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5 Questions your Sales Recruiter should have you answer

By Matt Pearce

The Challenge:

When you engage a Consultant to help with selecting a new sales person, what are they asking you?

Are they being a true expert advisor or an initial candidate screening tool?

Have they ever asked you questions that have made you stop and really think?

I have worked with a Hiring Manager and after asking a question I often hear the response of:

“That’s a great question, let me have a think about that one.”

By asking the right questions and challenging assumptions and processes, the consultant is providing the expert support that you are paying for.

They need to be asking questions that are going to make you review, revise and evolve how you go about your sales recruitment.

Here are the 5 questions they should have you answer:

  1. What are you really looking for? 

This at first seems like an easy one. A fantastic sales person who will know how to engage with my prospect/clients, right?
The irony is so many companies have never really thought it through.
The key is to develop objective criteria around background/experience, values, presentation and sales capabilities that are relevant to what the business needs and can be measured accordingly.

2. How will you know the candidate has it?
This is one of the most important questions and the hardest to answer. So many businesses develop objective criteria but then you hear subjective statements, “they just didn’t grab me” or “I use my gut” as influencing decisions.
The key here is for the consultant to be working with and challenge to ensure objectivity. The goal is a framework that allows you to evaluate and measure each of your criteria removing any chance of subjectivity. 

3. Has what you have been doing previously delivered exceptional results? 

So many businesses engage consultants who blindly follow the existing recruitment process of a company. They forget to ask: has it delivered the outcomes you were looking for?

Have you always found great sales people? If no, why hasn’t it delivered the results?

4. What could you do differently this time to gain a better outcome?

If the process hasn’t consistently delivered the results you would like in selecting a sales professional, then is it possible this process needs to evolve? A consultant should be working with you to critically review your recruitment process, understand the why’s, how’s and what’s and align the steps to deliver better results.  

5. Once selected how are you going to give the new employee the best chance of success?

The difference between a great sales professional kicking goals quickly and not once they join a company all comes down to the onboarding process. A consultant will understand this and will again challenge you on how you go about this to enable a quicker, sustained ramp up.

The Outcome:

If your sales consultant asks these questions, you end up with an invigorated, evolved and robust process.

This will deliver a confident sales professional representing your company to the market and bring new clients through the door quickly and successfully.

So, are you being challenged within your organisation?

The Alternative:

If not, maybe it’s time to ask some questions of the consultant:

  • What do they know about selling?
  • What is their sales process?
  • What underpins their sales methodology?
  • How do they qualify/identify a great sales person?
  • How are they going to help me be more effective in finding a great sales person?

  Want to learn more about who can help you answer the critical questions? Reach out to us.