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5 Tips for Successfully Recruiting Accountable Salespeople

Part one

(Find part two here)

By Matt Pearce

So, you have a sales role open. The longer the chair is unfilled, the more lost revenue and momentum for the business.

The challenge is:

How do I find the right sales professional in the most effective manner?

You want someone who has the right experience and skills, fits your culture and will help reach your goals.

A salesperson who you can trust and will be accountable to do this successfully.

We delivered a great webinar on building a Sales Accountability Framework last week.

The key thing is accountability needs to start from the initial engagement with an employee, it sets the tone.

The question is how can you do this successfully?

If it’s a strategic role where specific skills are needed or involves leadership then external, specialised support is critical. Engaging a recruiter is the smarter option in this case.

The recruiter will simplify the process and present you with a choice of 2 to 3 strong candidates who have been placed through a robust process.

All you are looking at is:

  • Will they help drive the growth I need?
  • Will they fit my business from a cultural aspect?
  • Do their career goals/motivations align with the business?

With the right recruiter you are in a great spot, the only hard work you must do is choosing between multiple strong candidates.

On roles that don’t meet this skill set threshold, recruiting yourself is a great option.

However, if you go down this path its critical to develop a process that ensures you are building an engagement where an accountability framework is in place.

Critically, this needs to be with both the hiring manager and the candidate. This sets the right foundation for success.

The 5 tips for successfully recruiting fantastic sales staff are: 

  • Having a robust selection criteria
  • Rule people in, then rule them out
  • Assess their sales abilities and motivation to be a sales professional
  • Move quickly, good sales people don’t last
  • Be honest with yourself and the candidates

Creating a strong framework will avoid you from doing it again in a short timeframe.

Do it right the first time and you’ll have a fruitful long-term employer/employee relationship that drives the growth you are looking for.

We have worked with three businesses lately in helping develop this process, and they have all had successful results. The right candidates identified, engaged and selected in a short time frame.

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