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5 Tips for Successfully Recruiting Accountable Salespeople

Part two

By Matt Pearce

As outlined in my first blog, there are five key things you need to consider in your hiring process.

Let’s dive into each and have a deeper look at how you can do this:

  1. Have a robust, clearly defined Selection Criteria:

This is critical as a starting point. You must define exactly what you are looking for. For example:

  • How are you going to evaluate each aspect?
  • Is everything measurable?
  • Is it critical or a nice to have?

If you build the right criteria, you are setting yourself up for success.

2. Rule people in, then rule them out

So many businesses rule people out because of their internal limiting beliefs. This could be due to age, sex, ethnicity or a lack of direct industry experience.

You can easily cancel people out. If you do this, you are limiting yourself and potentially choking your growth as a business.

Start broad and if you aren’t sure, engage to clarify.

3. Assess their sales abilities and motivation to be a sales professional

How do you do this?

The right assessment tool will answer this question quickly and easily. Psychometric and behavioural assessments are great but they don’t assess the candidate’s sales ability.

These only assess generalist criteria that in many circumstances are incorrectly applied to sales abilities.  

It is important to assess a potential candidate’s beliefs around being a sales professional, their ability to be coached and their ability to engage with clients.

At SG Partners, we use a Sales Specific Assessment Tool that all applicants complete.

It focuses on 21 different sales specific factors that provide a true picture for our clients. It highlights where to focus in on during the interview process.

It then converts into a comprehensive report for the successful candidate to help both parties in allowing them to reach their full potential.

4. Move quickly, good sales people don’t last

Define your process and ensure the right people are engaged quickly.

So many businesses lose good candidates as they aren’t ready to effectively engage.
Secondly, an onerous process on the candidate side reflects poorly. If you have a culture of making decisions by consensus see rule 2 and build a process where the engagement is seamless and quick.

5. Be honest with yourself and the candidates

Ask yourself:

  • Where is my business really at?
  • What does my pipeline really like?
  • What does my culture look like?
  • How are we positioned in the market?
  • Where are our challenges around delivery?
  • What are our growth potential and opportunities?
  • What is a realistic OTE for the first year?

Be honest in these things and don’t sugar coat or mislead. If things aren’t congruent once a candidate joins the company, they will walk and you will be back at the start.

One of the services we do regularly is help businesses refine this process.

The beauty is do it once, do it well and it means ongoing your business can quickly find fantastic sales people to drive growth in the right way.

If you are looking to be more accountable with your recruitment, reach out to us.