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7 Signs You're Going to be Extraordinarily Successful

Take a look at these great tips to be extraordinarily successful in your leadership to increase company growth!
  1. You find happiness in the success of others - you focus on assisting them to achieve their goals/dreams.
  2. You relentlessly seek new experiences - you know to be even better at life you need to stretch yourself, seek new ideas and walk the talk.
  3. You don't think work-life balance — you just think life, because there is no separation required when you are passionate about what you are doing, it all melds into your purpose.
  4. You have something to prove — to yourself, because that is all that counts. Live to your highest standards and be thankful and aware of others.
  5. You don't think you're special - humility, a rare quality and yet so important.
  6. You are in control of your physiology, your energy - you can change the world when you are managing your energy and infect others accordingly.
  7. You come from abundance - life changes when you are thankful and searching. be present and focus, be sharing and caring of others - Pay it Forward.



Clients Need Solutions but Salespeople are Struggling to Sell. Why?
11 Oct
When you’re faced with a problem and provided with a solution, it would be silly not to take it. This is the reality of selling; clients need solutions and salespeople are offering them, but no one is buying. Why?
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Sales Leaders, Where Does Your Focus Lie When Coaching Your Team?
27 Sep
As a Sales Leader, you have a tough job. You are responsible for the success of the sales department and, if you notice that your sales team is not selling as much as they should be, that can be frustrating.
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The Dangers of Recruiting the 'Great Sales Guy'
23 Aug
Many people believe that their business is different because people don't know that they need what they are selling.
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