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Chess or Checkers: the 250% difference

By Matt Pearce

For Sales Leaders and Managers, it’s all about how I do either meet and exceed my existing budget or deliver fully on the new budget.

The question that needs to be asked to deliver this is:

“How are you viewing your sales staff? Are they checker or chess pieces?”

Think about it…

Checkers: all your pieces operate the same way.

Chess: each piece has its strengths and delivers a different impact on the overall strategy.

I have just worked with a Sales Manager and the approach this person took to his staff was brilliant.

His approach was chess.

The challenge for many leaders is the position description. They are designed to be generic and can deliver too many similar sales people.

The key for a Sales Manager is to define it further.

This Sales Manager analysed the market, the customer base, the sales process and the average sales size.

This led to a detailed selection criterion being developed.

The roles were defined as follows:

First came the internal re-alignment, then, selection.

The available roles were defined based on the analysis and a clear and a robust process for selection was developed.

He put in place pawns, knights, rooks and bishops. He then moved around and worked with each different piece to support them to move in the most effective way around the board.

It worked!

In his first full year he delivered 250% growth in profit for his business. That was double the required and snapped 2 years of flatline growth.

The question is for all the Sales Managers and Leaders:

“Are you looking at your sales team as checker pieces or Chess pieces?”

If you would like some help to evaluate, allowing you to build a game of chess with your team, delivering a greater impact on your bottom line; reach out