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Good, Bad and Ugly

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: A Sales Professional’s lament.

By Matt Pearce

“You have to be kidding. There is no way I am doing that. I have over 40 years sales experience. I do not do role plays!”

Sound familiar? It came from a colleague/mentor who I worked closely with during an advanced Sales Development Course we were doing over a decade ago.

He was a character, kicked and screamed any time there was training organised by our employer as he “had seen and done it all”.

Ironically at the end of that course he quietly admitted that there had some real benefits for him, and he had learnt something. 

It made me reflect on the various experiences I have had with sales training courses.  

I did a count and I believe I am up to 15 to 20 over my professional career and started to reflect on the Good, Bad and Ugly traits of sales training: 

The Good. – It’s got to be Personal

For me it was always if there was an element of personal development with the professional. Good Sales training helps people understand themselves and how they interact with the world. It gives an insight into (emotional intelligence) EQ and how that impacts your ability to perform.

The Bad – Death by Powerpoint

This really comes down to the intent of the trainer. I remember attending a training course early on in my career and it was obvious the trainer was there to get paid. I remember thinking, “Powerpoint is for introducing, highlighting and reinforcing. Not for reading and reading and reading…”

The Ugly – Is it over yet????

A key for me is having a trainer/s who can read the room, understand the individuals and adapt to keep things relevant and people engaged. Going back to my friend above, the trainer did admirably to engage and keep the interest. I never forget attending a session that was broken up on the second day by snoring.

A theory session, then a massive lunch followed by a theory session. The trainer didn’t recognise the need for change and one of the participants had drifted off, literally, to sleep.

The interesting part of the salesman’s lament is the trainer’s engagement. I know Michael and Trevor, who deliver our Super Sales Clinic, the need for engagement.

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