If you do these 3 things..

By Michael Lang

Has your organisation struggled to generate consistent sales revenue and market-share? Your sales plan could be holding your organisation back.

It happens..

We often get stuck in a rut. We create an annual sales pipeline plan for our salespeople. We get on with our roles and we fail to adapt the plan regularly to changing internal and external factors. The sales plan just becomes set like concrete and results start disappearing.

As a sales leader..

It’s all about pausing and putting your hand up to recognise:

“This isn’t working. What can we do as a sales team to create a positive and profitable change for our company?”

Here at SG Partners, we have assisted many organisations like yours over the last 10 years to reach their full sales potential. This requires strong leadership, coaching, training and constant internal accountability.

So, here are my top 3 tips to generate the ultimate sales plan for your company:

1.  Market and client research:

It sounds simple but it often missed. Have you researched your competitors and future clients adequately? Do you understand what your organization is up against? Have you adequately upskilled your salespeople to be proactive against competitors? Have you sat down with your current clients and asked them why they do business with you?

 It’s important to have a solid foundation of research before you build out your sales plan. Be sure to set aside time each month to do this with your sales team and clients.

2.  Sales forecasting and goal-setting:

From your research, be sure to set realistic and measurable sales goals. This means metrics such as numbers of sales or clients required based on your company, market size, competition and skilled salespeople at your disposal.

The key word is realistic. Don’t aim too high if you realistically can’t reach the stars. It’s about building the foundation to consistent and regular sales growth.

 3.  Consistent prospecting and partnerships formed:

This is key. Build a list of your target prospects within your sales plan. Be as detailed as possible. Search LinkedIn, reach out to past clients who have connections, attend networking events, sponsor relevant industry events (if possible).

From prospecting, you can build opportunities which can equal a long-term business partnership. It’s key to consistently nurture these partnerships. Check in with your contacts regularly and be sure to leverage their network as much as reasonably possible.

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