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Is Your Company as Relevant as the Dinosaurs?

Is Your Company as Relevant as the Dinosaurs?

We all know the story of the demise of the dinosaurs. An asteroid hits the earth, releasing soot into the air changing the climate forever. So a massive shift in the environment leads to a mass extinction of much of the life on earth 66 million years ago.
What could this possibly have to do with business today? The key learning comes from the life that survived on earth. Not from those who perished.
The life that did survive found a new way to adapt, and pretty bloody quickly too. The environmental changes proved a threat to their continued existence which they couldn’t directly do anything about. Instead, they developed new capabilities, modified their behaviour and therefore were able to initially survive and later thrive in a world with less competition for food and other resources.

Companies who are not just surviving, but thriving are changing their beliefs about how to remain relevant. They are the ones who are finding novel ways to modify the status quo, interrupt the old ways of thinking, and disturb their clients enough to get them to act now.

Buyers in today’s market are busy. Shorter attention spans and the constant buzzing of their devices, marketing messages and traditional salespeople pitching products, means they’re also over-stimulated, and it's causing havoc for anyone trying to get in. The environment salespeople and businesses know and have adapted to, has changed once again. Is this today's asteroid?

The secret sauce is to develop the ability to get buyers to sit up, take note and think, this is different, unique or creative. It shakes their thinking. You need to remain in their minds long after you have left the conversation. You and your business, your product or service need to stay relevant, or you won’t survive the buyer’s change.

Let’s focus in on ‘Relevance’ – it’s a great word and probably underutilised.
In the context of businesses, ask the questions: -
  • How are we staying relevant to our clients and the market?
  • How is what we are discussing relevant to the outcomes we are aiming for?
  • How are you relevant to the company right now?
  • What are you doing to remain relevant to the business?

Great questions that should provoke deep thinking and great responses. The word provides focus and suggests time should be taken into consideration. Put some time into answering each question; it should provoke deep thinking and some great and insightful responses.

Examples of companies not asking these questions are Kodak, Blockbuster, Borders Book Stores, Nokia, Remington typewriters, RCA and so on. If these questions were asked and discussed, some of these companies could have stood a chance. It could have promoted a new solution, a different view to remain relevant. Instead, they stared impending doom in the face and asked, “What time you getting here?”.

On the other hand, industries asking these questions are disrupting their competition; UBER, AirBNB, Spotify, TransferWise, DollerShave, to name a few.
Relevance a great word to use more often.

So how relevant are you?