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Leaders How Do You Measure Up & Manage Change?

Leaders How Do You Measure Up & Manage Change?

Question for you, one that I ask many CEO/MD and GMs - What is stopping your organisation from growing? Here's familiar excuses:

  • The economy is slow - they have no money
  • Our warehouse, logistics, service, finance, marketing, salespeople are letting us down
  • We are too expensive - the client needs more discounts
  • Our product/service is not right, old, wrong for the client
  • We don't have the money to do that

And on and on it goes - I bet you could add a few. So what next, how do we push through these excuses and more forward?

The toughest activity for a leader is accountability and motivating - both take time, effort and focus. What would your role be like if your people were even more responsible for their actions and driven to succeed as a team?

As a leader of the business, your role is to have everyone aligned to the purpose, goals, strategy, mission, objectives and culture of the organisation.

The difference between success and failure is YOU. Look around at some of the businesses that fail; there are patterns, well documented, time and time again.

Success in any organisation is about how YOU influence others - those that are employed by you and those that you need to choose your organisation to perform a function of some description. How effective you are at influencing is directly correlated to how successful you are and inversely how stressed/frustrated/angry you become.

TIP: So next time someone inside your organisation provides an excuse, ask this question - "How would you know if that wasn't true?"
This may seem like a pretty benign question and yet there is some deep psychology within the wording and combination of the words.

Let me explain. Firstly "How would YOU know" - puts the focus back on them. Requiring them to challenge their current beliefs. "If that wasn't true", pushes them to go into the future to figure out what they would have to do to know that it wasn't true - hence coming up with the solution that before this and because of their beliefs was hidden.

Once you ask, or more confront them, they may act like a deer in headlights. They will go around in circles, possibly saying "I don't understand the question?" Ask it again, do not change the wording. Keep asking. They will say, "I don't know the answer".

Your reply? "And if you did know - How would you know if that wasn't true?"
There is so much power in this question.

You see it's all about making your life easier, less stressful and more enjoyable as a leader in your organisation. It's about having tools and strategies that influence others to see your way of thinking and implementing what needs to be done to get even better outcomes - time and time again.

What would your life be like if people wanted to follow you? Inversely, what is life like NOW pushing against the stream time and time again and going backwards?

I experience so many leaders feeling beaten, struggling to move their organisation forward, growing and having people aligned.

Today more than ever, the leader's role requires them to grasp the rapid rate of change in the business world and to build an organisation that’s capable of continually adapting.

Your VOICE is your tool of leadership. It's time to start maximising its power to influence others. Have you ever trained on how to be even more effective with your language, your tone, your meaning, the power of your voice?

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"Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader success is all about growing others." Jack Welch.