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You need to be better at closing – or do you?

Many leaders get focused on sales people’s closing ability, I mean after all that is what we have been taught and focused on all these years. ABC – Always Be Closing.

We have the ability to score sales people’s skill sets/competencies including their closing skill sets.

Unfortunately, the focus on closing skill set is only relevant if many other skill sets are missing.

As Dave Kurlan, my mentor, wrote -

“I am going to share the real truth about closing and it's quite different from what you've read, what you've listened to, what you've watched, and probably from what you've practiced. Countless books, tapes, videos and podcasts have been devoted to closing techniques. Thousands of companies deliver seminars and training programs to help salespeople develop their closing skills. They're all wrong, and they have all wasted your time."

I have written 1,600 articles and not once have I shared the closing secret that I am about to share in this article.

Objective Management Group (OMG) has evaluated and assessed over one million salespeople. If we review the 21 Sales Core Competencies, zoom in on the 10 Tactical Selling Competencies, and then filter the results to show average scores for elite salespeople - only the top 7% - you will see this:

Top 7% of All Salespeople

Notice that the best salespeople in the world possess fewer than half of the attributes of the Closer competency - it's their second the worst score next to Social Selling (isn't that ironic?).

If closing is so important, then how come the world's best salespeople don't have very good closing skills?

The top 7% have closing skills that are twice as good as the general sales population who average only 23% of the attributes of the Closer competency.

All Salespeople

But this isn't about contrast. I told you that I want to share the truth about closing.

The average scores for elite salespeople are very good for Hunting, Consultative Selling, Qualifying, Presenting and Sales Process.

If you start with an effective sales methodology and process and follow it, keep your pipeline filled through consistent hunting, use an effective consultative approach, and thoroughly qualify, the business will simply close and most of the time, you will be the one who wins it.

However, if you don't have an effective, predictive sales process, don't take a consultative approach and don't thoroughly qualify, then the pressure will be on you to be a great closer. And even if you are a great closer, most of the time, it still won't be enough to get the business.”

Most organisations that have asked me to help were winning an incredibly small percentage of business their win/loss ratio was around 15% - 20%.

Most of them believed they needed training to improve their salespeople's closing skills when the reality was that they were not executing the milestones and competencies that precede closing.

Winning business is not brain surgery, but developing the skills to execute an effective process, be a consultative seller and qualify effectively takes time and a lot of practice.

So with that in mind, if you or the people you employ would like to improve your success rate, have clients ask you to sell to them, solve their problems, be the trusted advisor in the first meeting and grow your marketshare then check out our upcoming Melbourne Super Sales Clinic.

As Dave Kurlan says -

“If you start with an effective sales methodology and process.. the business will simply close and most of the time, you will be the one who wins it.”

So come to our 2 day workshop and learn how to be even more effective at selling in today's world.

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