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Mentally Fatigued

3 ways to avoid being mentally fatigued

By Brad Barker

You may have all the energy and stamina of a 25-year-old bronco, but work-wise you may be fatigued mentally at work.

Work fatigue is real.

It's often sitting in the corner ready to embrace you like a warm blanket in the middle of a cold and rainy Melbourne day. 

Fatigue comes due to overload.

In the same way you can fatigue a muscle, you can also fatigue your mind.

When doing resistance training on your muscles, if you are constantly working a muscle without giving it the appropriate time to rest and recover, you will end up with fatigue.

In the same way, if you are constantly doing something that you are not enjoying, or that is difficult for you, then you become fatigued.

When we become too fatigued, we go in to survival mode.

The way our brains are wired, when we are in survival mode, our Limbic system – the emotional centre of our brain - is set up to either fight, flight, freeze, or appease.

When fatigue sets in our brains and emotions are in overload, and it is looking for a way to survive.

We all have to do things that we hate, or dislike in order to be successful. In order to grow or to change, we have to put ourselves outside of our comfort zone.

Some of us are always living outside of our comfort zone, and if it is not managed well, it creates fatigue.

So, how do we avoid mental fatigue?


List the things that you do not like doing as part of your job. And, in a separate list, write down the things that you do like doing and compare them. If you spend more time on things that you don’t like, then there is a good chance that you are going to end up fatigued. 

Get help

If you are doing too many of the things that you don’t like, and that drain you mentally, fatigue is sitting around the corner waiting for you. Delegate if you can. Find people internally or externally to help you with the things that drain you mentally.

Rest and repair

If you don’t let your muscles rest and repair after exercise, they don’t become fitter and stronger. They become depleted and exhausted, and in some cases you can do permanent damage. Our minds are the same. Give yourself a good break in order to recover and repair. We all have different ways of unwinding, and repairing, embrace yours, and be kind to yourself.

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