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Misplaced Passion

By Brad Barker

I posted this photo on Facebook recently for a laugh:

It made me think of the misplaced passion that I have had over my years of selling - especially early on.

I would get very passionate about what I am selling to my clients and would then start to talk over the top of them instead of listening to what their concerns are.

A successful sales call to me would be when the client would say, "You are clearly very passionate about your product", or when I got emotionally worked up about what I was selling.

The problem was this:

“I was passionate about my thing, not their thing. In hindsight, it is no surprise that I did not end up with the sale. I thought I was doing the right thing by being passionate, but it was misplaced.”

My passion needed to be with the client and fixing the client's problem.

They didn't really care about what I had to say, because they did not feel that I cared about their situation.

My advice to today is: get passionate about your clients and their problems. Watch as your clients start to get passionate about your products and services.

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