Recruiting 50 years old and insanity

By Michael Lang

I went to a 50th birthday the other night, yes that is the crowd I apparently am hanging out with these days. Looking around the crowd, I felt sad, sad because they were doing what they were always done, besides the occasional holiday – there was not a lot to talk about – same old, same old.

Now I am not saying I am better than those people at the party, but I do like to pride myself on always pushing myself to look for new ideas/ways of doing things. And I suppose that is why I am so passionate about SG Partners and what we do for organisations – we give a shift!

Along the way, we meet some great business leaders and some well not so great ones. So here are some really good lessons that are beneficial to all executives and from companies of all sizes and industries. I'll share the top five lessons of recruiting GREAT sales people here:

LESSON #1: You will never be able to determine from an interview whether a candidate possesses enough Desire and Commitment for success in sales. Knowing whether their Sales DNA is strong enough to succeed in support this skills and whether they have the sales capabilities to get the job done.

LESSON #2: You must assess candidates at the earliest stage of the recruiting process to filter out those who won't succeed in the role and identify those candidates with whom you should spend your time talking.

LESSON #3: Some of the candidates that you choose not to include in the process should be included because their sales capabilities make up for whatever it is that you don't like about their resume. Some of the candidates that you choose to include in the process should not be because their sales capabilities are not consistent with what you liked about their resume.

LESSON #4:If you interview prior to the assessment, you will fall in love with your candidates and then, if the candidate is not recommended, tend to dismiss the assessment results because they differ from what your heart is telling you. Assess first and you will only be able to fall in love with quality candidates, and, perhaps of greater importance, be EEOC Compliant. When using assessments, all candidates must be assessed.

LESSON #5: Nobody, regardless of how long they have been interviewing and hiring salespeople, is smarter than SGPartners/OMG's Sales Candidate Assessments. You just can't beat the track record, predictive accuracy and uncanny insights.

A great wine improves over time, well so should we. Doing what you have always done and expecting a better outcome – well that’s insanity. So do something different when next recruiting a sales person – internal or external contact SG Partners for a new way to get even better sales people selling for you.

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