Recruiting- The Problem and Solution

By Michael Lang

We see it time and time again, managers who fail to hire top performing salespeople. They struggle to understand why the person they interviewed turns out to be so unequipped for the job. There are many reasons why someone is unsuitable for the position, a lack of skill, motivation, and desire, just to name a few.

The process of sales team selection can often be a rushed one, with manager’s time poor especially when it comes to such arduous tasks as interviewing and selecting a new employee.

This is often when the proper process of interviewing gets thrown out the window and a more suitable candidate is disregarded for one who gets along with the interviewer.

The interviewer must have in place minimum requirements for the interview process to be effective in any way. Without it, the result is an enormous headache down the line when your candidate fails to impress. Here are a few deal breakers we use:

  • Candidate must have strong desire and be highly motivated

  • Candidate must have strong commitment and enjoy selling

  • Candidate must have minimum required sales DNA (the strengths that support successful selling)

  • Candidate must adhere to client-specific selling criteria

  • Candidate must process the minimum required selling skills

How exactly do we find this all out, you ask?

We utilise the Objective Management Group (OMG) Sales Candidate Assessment software that provides a consistent review of candidate’s ability with 96.5% accuracy.

We can offer the best outcomes for your business with our sales team selection screening tool. Not only is this tool incredibly effective but it benefits the manager in more ways than one:

Save time by using our laser-focused selection tool that will lead you to have all the right conversations with your candidate. The effort involved in deliberating over several candidates is gone.

Our results will give you the best possible outcome, without all the head scratching. Hiring “A” Players means you could develop a sourcing pool as “A” players normally know other “A” Players. This is helpful when looking for candidates for future roles.

If you are serious about increasing your businesses profits with your very own handpicked “A” Players sales team, then you must contact us TODAY! We are committed to helping you find and recruit your “A” Players sales team.