Responsibility Finding 

By Michael Lang

What this means when screening sales candidates

People often ask me what the Responsibility finding on our SG Partners Sales Candidate Screening tool means. As you can see below, it is a part of a sales person's will to sell on a day to day basis.

responsibility tool

Have you hired a sales person during your recruitment process assuming that they can deliver, yet they don't?

This is very common and easily avoidable with the right recruitment screening process in place.

So.. what does this mean in the hiring process?

Below is an example of a sales person's CV applying for a sales role. This is what a lack of sales responsibility looks like:

1 year in a role and the reason for leaving this role:

I brought in 25 new customers within 8 months but was unable to quote enquiries fast enough as every quote took so long to generate through estimation. The company has been struggling to recruit employees at a lower pay range within engineering. This has caused a struggle to complete jobs on time.

The company has struggled with quality issues to retain new and existing customers. Winning new customers while losing repeat customers has made it impossible to grow sales. The business 'overall focus was on manufacturing and had no focus on correcting a clearly flawed business. These processes are limited by an outdated company skill set, from top to bottom.

So why is it important to spot a lack of sales responsibility?

It is important to screen every potential candidate so limit the likelihood of  hiring a sales person lacking responsibility and ownership of their role.

When you as a sales leader or business owner set out to hire a sales person, it is a considerable investment. Be sure to make the choice. 

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