Sales Leaders, Where Does Your Focus Lie When Coaching Your Team?

By Michael Lang

As a Sales Leader, you have a tough job.

You are responsible for the success of the sales department. If you notice that your sales team is not selling as much as they should be, that can be frustrating.

Coaching is an entirely different skill from fixing. It helps people learn how to improve their work and make decisions for themselves. Don’t just take my word for it; a 2012 study from the National Bureau of Economic Research says the most important tasks of effective managers are teaching skills that endure and fuel the motivation of employees i.e. Coaching.

Highly trained sporting individuals and teams go on the field every week, but they don’t win every week. Isn’t that interesting? Here’s the thing, they might get into peak state, but what they do is what their “coach” has told them.

Some of your salespeople may be struggling to sell, the thing the coach has told them to do, simply because they do not understand how to execute the sales process successfully. They may also lack the sales skills and mindset necessary to sell your products/services confidently and the list of reasons can go on and on…

Fortunately, you can often resolve these issues with a bit of tailored training and coaching. But what do you focus on as a coach, a leader, a sales manager?

If you analyse your team with a sales evaluation, you can pinpoint the exact areas you’re letting slip. As a sales coach, you need to cover all bases, so when your team goes out to play, you can be confident they will win every time.

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