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Sales Managers Were Asked To List Their Top Challenges

Sales Managers Were Asked To List Their Top Challenges

If we all spoke more candidly in all instances, perhaps we would be more productive, achieve more and discover even better results. But alas we don’t, this is why when I found an online discussion about sales managers’ challenges, with comments straight from the horse’s mouth, I sat up a bit straighter.

As I read, I picked up on the recurring themes that underlie their challenges.
  • Managing people
  • Coaching/ Training
  • Getting the right people in the right role (staffing)
  • Managing time/ coordination
  • Staying motivated
What is going on? These same issues come up time and time again. Why can’t sales leaders get a handle on these critical challenges?

If you could identify the challenges you continually face, would you seek out options to create a different outcome? I encounter so many who are willing to sit on the threshold of a new outlook but unwilling to instil the proper changes to enforce it. It’s the difference between doing what we have always done and achieving new and even better results.

Speaking candidly now- leadership challenges are not isolated issues. These affect all that come into contact with the manager, especially the sales team. This all comes down to accountability and sales leaders must be on top of it at all times. If the manager lets the team down, you will likely see their results suffer.
Instil a change, be the differentiator and break down the barriers.

Below are a selection of the comments posted in the forum:
  • "Identifying areas of weaknesses in the sales process (by individual) and coaching for improvement of those areas."
  • "Communication is the key, I think. How does the sales manager communicate?"
  • "Right people, in the Right role doing the Right things, effectiveness in the key to success and Good Growth."
  • "How to keep A-players motivated while simultaneously mentoring and coaching up B-players."
  • "Hiring, training & then retaining the right talent is the Biggest challenge!"
  • "Talent, talent, talent! From scouting to acquisition to development."
  • "Pipeline/Forecast Coaching - Sales Mgr's need relevant metrics to assist in coaching that are leading indicators instead of only trailing indicators; need to have visibility into dips to coach proactively."
  • "Keeping your top performers in the hunting mode and motivating them to avoid complacency because they are making all the money they need."
  • "How to coach, who, when and about what."
  • "How to balance their time between customers, sales team and management activities."
  • "Coaching behaviors that lead to either really good results or more importantly, coaching the behaviors that are know to produce really bad results."
Isn't it interesting what happens when you ask the right people, the right questions? We find those who are willing to speak a little more honestly.