SG Partners Insights - Part 3

By Michael Lang

Welcome back the final installment of SG Partners Insights. Last week, we dived into the five key monthly questions you should ask your sales managers. In this final installment, we share the four key questions you should ask your sales managers on a quarterly basis.

Quarterly questions: why are they important?

Each quarter, the CEO must have a conversation centered on the organisation’s medium-term planning with sales managers.

These questions include:

  1. What is the action plan for the next three months?

  2. What topics will you be communicating with the sales team?

  3. What aspects of the sales process will you be coaching on, and why?

  4. How will you coach your team on these sales process elements?

These questions will vary depending on the quarter within the year. For example, the first months of the year are less busy, and representatives often fail to get appointments with potential new customers.

Early in this quarter, the conversation with your sales managers should focus on actions to get meetings with new clients. At the end of Q2, you should discuss the importance of building a larger pipeline, in anticipation of the slowdown caused by the approach of the summer holidays. And so on.

The One Essential Question for Every Sales Manager Meeting

In each of the conversations described above, every business leader should always ask the following question of their sales managers:

How can I help you in accomplishing your work?

As CEO, it is important that you demonstrate consistent support to your sales managers for the difficulties they raise during the meeting, as well as your willingness to help them.

Try these out and let us know how it goes in the comment section below.