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Why is SG Partners Super Sales Clinic successful?

By Michael Lang 

For 8 years now, I have been facilitating our most popular sales workshop SG Partners Super Sales Clinic. It never amazes me what effect we have on attendees.

Every year we update the content and every year participants ask for the same outcomes:

  • How to get to the decision makers.
  • How to be the trusted advisor quickly.
  • Sell on value rather than price.
  • Closing sales quicker.
  • Assisting in shortening the sales cycle.

We deliver those answers time and time again.

The exciting thing that happens is the 'aha' moments people have. You can see the light bulb moments.

We take special care to ensure people question their current beliefs and barriers because only then will they can decide to change and take on new ideas.

It's not unusual after the first day that people talk the second day how already their interactions have changed with clients (those phone calls in the breaks). We hear of up and cross selling, discussions changing from price to value, prospects interested in meeting and much more.

We are looking forward to seeing you all next Monday and Tuesday!