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The Balance of Patience in Sales

The Balance of Patience in Sales

Do we consciously think about the role of patience in sales? Sometimes we are too patience and others very impatient. The balance is critical.

Objective Management Group (OMG) Sales Evaluation Patient Measurement

In the sales industry, we are taught it’s all about the sale, closing the deal. This has been the case for so many years. ABC – always be closing. 

What I have experienced with sales people over the years is that salespeople are so focused on the sale, focused on “I”. The problem is the buyer/consumer can feel this in their interaction with a salesperson. That is why so many people have negative feelings about sales people.

“They are pushy, slimy, manipulative and un ethical” many people say in our workshops.

Therefore, with sales people focussed on the sale and the deal, there is an impatience created.

In fact, I experienced this recently at a sales conference. During a role play where a sales person was being coached whilst engaging with the prospective client, a few “gurus” self-confessed they would “go in for the kill” at a particular point. The idea of the role play was to demonstrate the need to be patient, to slow down.

The opposite also has to be considered when there is too much patience. This is where we either create an environment where there is no motivation to change, to move to a different solution, or we ourselves are in a pattern of spending time with people/organisations that do not want to change, and yet we continue to “hang in there”.

I myself over the years have shown this impatience. I think this comes down to the point where we can see the answer, we have the solution to the prospective client’s problems.

“If only they would say yes and let us get on with solving the problem.”

What I have learnt is when we focus on the balance amazing things happen.

When I am patient, I learn more about the person in front of me. When I am more patient, the person in front of me feels I care because of the interest I show in them. I am more patient, I am able to consider the possible solutions and combine my ideas with theirs.

When we measure patience with our sales evaluations where would you sit? Red, orange or green?