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The power of “we” for your salespeople

For business/sales leaders the perfect state is to develop a sales team full of trusted advisers.

Trusted advisers more quickly build and maintain professional relationships with clients:

  • They deliver higher margins.
  • They have stronger and faster moving pipelines.  
  • Clients are calling them and not being called.

The key difference between a good sales person and a great trusted advisor comes down to the word “we” and how it is interpreted.

The challenge:

Many sales people hear or say the word “we” and it is actually “I” that is meant.

For example:

  • The “we” they refer to is telling the customer why they should buy off them (“I”).
  • The “we” they are hearing is the client (“I”) telling them what their situation and potential requirements are.

They can address the requirements and describe how their company can provide the service they need.

Chances are it will finish with the prospect saying, “send me a proposal and we (“I”) will get back to you.”

They have developed the relationship of a service provider.

The “we” they want to be hearing is the inclusive description of a business partnership.

For example:

  • I was talking with a new client the other day and working through the challenges they were presently facing and what the implications would be if they could be resolved.
  • We discussed some strategies about how we could work together to have this happen.
  • I realised the conversation was going well when they responded, “Okay this sounds great, for us to make this happen we will have to take these steps…”

Music to the ears.
We had the start of an inclusive business partnership.

So, what “we” do you think your sales team is hearing?

Which one would you prefer they hear?

The question then is how do you effectively move your whole team into this trusted adviser mindset?

A training day/workshop is great, it starts the process. You will see results, but to get the whole team to the level of trusted advisers, that’s a real challenge.

Our experience shows that a blend of structured learning in bite sizes, ongoing coaching and regular reviews against the outcomes delivers the greatest results.   

The hard part is finding the time to make it happen.

But as business/sales leaders, can you afford not to find the time to have it happen?

What impact would having all your salespeople getting to the right “we” and becoming trusted advisers have on your business?

If you would like some help in making this happen reach out, we can chat about your present challenges and the potential of supporting you through our Neuro Sales Program

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