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Most CEO/MDs/Business Owners and Sales Managers we speak with are unhappy with their sales teams, people they employed. So we ask them what would it take to get even better salespeople on their team - they look at us with a blank face.
It would be fair to say they are stuck in their existing paradigm, the one where they will conduct the same recruitment process they have always done and therefore always get the same results. So to get a different outcome, well you need to think differently!
We will seek out the best available sales talent for your team; we pride ourselves on it. Whether you’re on the hunt for your next ‘A’ Player salesperson, sales leader or internal salesperson, we can find you the right candidate.

5 Key Traits of a Great Salesperson

  • Must overcome "do nothing"
  • Must continually fill the pipeline
  • Must be able to differentiate
  • Will face rejection on almost a daily basis.
  • Must control the conversation - not by talking - by ASKING questions