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Sales Leader

Do you need a Sales Leader?

If you think your salespeople are the problem, well it is like blaming the sporting team without including the coach. Great sales leadership is critical to the success of your sales team achieving their goals.

Our data shows sales managers, who consistently and efficiently coach their salespeople, grow revenue by an average of 26% annually. However, according to SG Partners/Objective Management Group's data from evaluating more than 100,000 sales managers, just 18% are capable of the effective part of the equation and even fewer are willing to invest 50% of their time on coaching. That's a huge problem!

SG Partners are highly skilled and experienced in ensuring the sales leader candidates can manage and grow the sales team efficiently and, in turn, grow the company’s revenue, profit and market share.

We are highly trained on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and best practise sales management. This allows us to understand the patterns salespeople run and assess, train and coach sales managers.

Lastly, we evaluate candidates for the management skill sets, whether they are a sales leader or a salesperson in sales managers clothing (this happens all too often), their mindsets and their ability to be self-managed.

Start your profitable tomorrow with a sales leader hand-picked for your company and your future.

What is important to you about your Sales Leader?

  • They can coach and mentor people
  • They will get the best out of the sales team
  • They hold people accountability
  • They will motivate the team
  • They can manage the sales pipeline
  • They can coach the team to close deals
  • They can get the salespeople using the CRM? – They are all important!

So how important is your Sales Leadership/Sales Manager Recruitment?

Type of Sales Leaders we recruit

  • VP Sales
  • Sales Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Branch Manager

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