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Looking for a new Salesperson?

How would you know if you are employing a ‘Hunter’ or ‘Farmer’? Who can ‘Close’ for your specific need? We can tell you.

How would you know if they can consultative sell, work independently and have the motivation to succeed? How important is your sales recruitment?

What would it mean to you if you got it wrong?

SG Partners are highly skilled and experienced in ensuring the sales candidates can sell, your way and will hit the ground running quicker.

We are highly trained on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to assist us in really understanding the patterns salespeople run, these skills are utilised in our interview process.

We are highly trained in understanding best practice sales process and engagement – heck we train and coach people on this.

Lastly, we assess candidates for the selling skill sets, whether they are a hunter or farmer or neither, what the motivation to sell is, their mindsets and their ability to be self-managed.

What do you look for in a great Salesperson?

  • A person that will consistently get to decision makers
  • A salesperson that will hunt for new opportunities / new clients
  • A salesperson that will close opportunities faster
  • A salesperson that is self-motivated
  • A salesperson who will follow processes
  • A salesperson who can engage consultatively
  • A salesperson that can properly qualify and manage a sales pipeline

SG Partners have the skills, tools and strategies to introduce you to great candidates that match your criteria and answers all your questions (before you hire).

Types of sales people we recruit

  • Sales Representative
  • Territory Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Area Manager
  • Business Development Manager

How will you get certainty at the time of interview that they will sell the way you want them to, not what they have done before?

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