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Hiring & Assessments

At SG Partners, we assist you in hiring the A+ sales talent your organisation demands. 

Customised Hiring and Interview Process

We work with your sales leadership and HR personnel to design the optimal hiring process for each sales position in your company. Then, we teach your managers the skills required to interview salespeople, which differs greatly from interviewing other positions in your company.

We save staff time by inserting screening assessments early in the process. Because assessments uncover information salespeople would never volunteer in interviews, managers learn how to dig deeper into areas of potential weakness and know the exact limitations and strengths of each candidate. The result of our work is a consistent ability to upgrade the talent of your sales organization with each new hire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I tell whether a candidate has the right talent for this role? Is this person a hunter, farmer, ambassador, or not cut out for sales at all?

We can show you specifically what talent this person has for sales and specifically what role within a sales organisation they fit best. We will also tell you when not to hire someone because they will most likely struggle because they lack the talent required.

Which assessments are best for our company to use when hiring? 

We utilise only assessments that are specifically designed for measuring the probability that a person will sell. We will not recommend nor use personality based assessments for predicting sales performance. We use sales specific, behaviorally based, validated assessments designed specifically to predict how fast a person will get up to speed, how much they will sell, and at what cost to the company.

Are pre-hire assessments safe to use? All of our assessments meet the requirements of the EEOC because they are validated for sales selection. In addition, we will work with your company to create processes and internal validation studies to ensure compliance with all testing standards.

If I use assessments, will I hire more accurately and reduce turnover expense? 

Our track record has demonstrated cost savings when implementing pre-hire testing for the sales interviewing process. Companies have reduced turnover from 34% to 11%. Companies have increased average productivity per sales rep by 23% in one year.In addition, our assessments can be used to develop your existing leadership so you can effectively drive the performance you need.

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