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The CRM Story

Why CRM's Fail to Properly Integrate

You organisation are, or were, using spreadsheets to manage client engagement data, names, contact details etc. You may also use spreadsheets for managing sales opportunities. You have thoughts of using a CRM to replace disparate spreadsheets people are using to centralise and maximise data.

You may have already taken the steps.

Created the CRM business case, get buy-in and then your organisation purchases and implements a CRM system. It is promised that this new CRM software will improve customer relationships, increase customer loyalty and grow revenue.

Then BAM the take up is hard. Your team struggle to use the software and client information quickly becomes outdated. No one is to blame for this, and so senior management blames the software itself.

Does this sound familiar?

It is a failed implementation.

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Less than 40% have full-scale end-user adoption - CSO Insights

Organise Your Relationships

The reason CRM projects fail is not due to the technology, but because of an organisations culture.

CRM, like any other business tool success depends upon the human beings wanting to use it, trained on using it, held accountable on using it and mentored on using it - sounds simple yet...

49% of CRM projects fail - Forrester Research

Why SG Partners?

To help you manage change within your organisation and maximise the the usage of your new CRM system.

SG Partners provide services from insight, training and coaching on CRMs to embed them into your organisation. Depending upon your needs we also can provide CRM’s.

Employees are more inclined to use a new software, if they are eased into it. SG Partners ensures each employee is fully versed in the software.

Salespeople want simplicity, they are busy. Users can quickly enter data about a lead/opportunity. All information is accessible, so client don’t need to call technical support for common how-to issues.

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