SG Partners work with your sales leadership and HR personnel to design the optimal hiring process for each sales position in your company. We teach your managers the skills required to interview salespeople, which differs greatly from interviewing other positions in your company.

SG Partners assists by providing screening assessments early in the process. These assessments uncover information salespeople would never volunteer in interviews. Managers then learn potential weakness, limitations and strengths of each candidate.

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Objective Management Group & SG Partners Sales Assessment Tool

A sales assessment tool designed to exclusively help you understand your existing sales team members, sales leaders and sales candidates.

Understand how to train, coach and hirer smarter with this assessment tool. Benefits include:

  • Engineered specifically for sales teams

  • Recognised in Top Sales World for the 4th consecutive year as the #1 assessment tool on the market

  • 92% of candidates recommended by this tool rise to the top 50% of their sales force within 12 months

Recruitment Process

Hire correctly for your sales team and your investment will pay for itself. Make a mistake and you’ll lose an average of 3-5 times your failed recruit’s annual income.

Here are a few deal breakers we use:

  • Each candidate must have strong desire to sell and be highly motivated.

  • Each candidate must have strong commitment and enjoy selling.

  • Each candidate must have minimum the strengths that support successful selling (sales DNA).

  • Each candidate must adhere to client-specific selling criteria.

  • Each candidate must have proven selling skills.

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