Our results speak for themselves and so do our clients 



“Having met countless consultants peddling some programme about sales acceleration, I was desperate to find an expert to help my team in 2012. Our problems were the need to accelerate demand creation in a team of virtual account managers comfortable with their small worlds. I had battled to align the team to a two-supplier product strategy and execute repeatable growth. There were limiting self-beliefs amongst the entire sales force.

In a changing market post GFC where differentiation and competitive advantage are limited, the attitudes of my sales and product teams were being reinforced by an overseas head office keen to disrupt my APAC strategy with poor central supply chain and controls aligned to their needs. It was messy. After a detailed skills gap analysis, Michael presented to me facts that I instinctively knew to be true about my team, and myself. It pointed to a recruitment programme hard wired around accepting ‘B’ grade players in middle management roles, and often ‘C’ grade players in sales, and then never training them. Against global giants well established and with far superior resources, we had plateaued and change was overdue.

I asked myself one question, what is the most important thing to me at that point, and clearly, future proofing the business with skilled people was a bench mark I had set my sites on when I started here in 2007. It was never likely to happen with the team, the programme and the beliefs in play at that time.

In 18 months, Michael has taken us to growth beyond our imagination, and we have begun to win orders that we could only dream of two years ago. The customer interaction, sales process and measurement of pipeline has brought the team to a better understanding of the customer, and helped us line up company goals one by one.

Above all else, the C grade players are in many cases our better stars, as competency, confidence and maturity has replaced excuses, and most of my staff have taken on the mantle of accepting that hunting and farming new business is key. The simplicity of the message, the acceptance of no excuses, and the combination of seminar and phone training has moved my team from followers to leaders in our industry. Even though it was suggested that sweeping changes would be needed in staffing, we made a few key changes only (not even replacing staff that we released) and there have been no hidden costs.

I will not lie, Michael does not sugar coat the realities, especially my own short comings and enablement activities that create many of the companies challenges. Some of my most senior staff were offended by the findings because “Michael has no idea what our industry is like, and if I leave the company will collapse”. Those people are not with the company and their leaving has reduced my overhead and increased opportunity for others to grow with startling effect. The customers did not bat an eyelid as we replaced mediocre service and historic relationships with tangible cost reductions through innovation and value creation. 

Michael’s knowledge of the mining industry as a whole is amongst the best I have ever experienced, and he has demonstrated that there are skills out there far better than even my very best. It's sobering, and it’s very exciting.

Regarding the investment in the programme, this has been paid for ten times over in under two years. Michael committed to a programme tailored to our needs, he delivered on the programme, and he is relentless in his pursuit of supporting the sponsor of the programme to overcome all hurdles. We have increased top and bottom line achievements by over 30%, and are collecting accolades on blue chip mining sites previously the hallowed ground of our opposition. The cultural changes in my small company of $40m revenue is to the plan and referrals are a daily reality.

I highly recommend Michael Lang and SG Partners.”

-          Mike Le Roux 2017