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SG Partners provide clarity and certainty around increasing sales team outcomes and identifying team performance issues. Could you or your sales team be even more effective?


Get started with a review of your culture and value statement. We'll also review your sales team, CRM, pipeline, leadership team and performance. 

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Develop the skills of your sales and leadership team to ensure that negotiation, account management and leadership practices are delivering results.

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Sales Team Selection

SG Partners are highly skilled and experienced in selecting sales candidates who can sell, your way and will hit the ground running quicker.

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What you can expect with SG Partners

All of our associates are highly trained in identifying and understanding barriers that limit improvements and the psychological engagement required to assist people to reach their true potential.

Typically we work with the owner/managing director, CEO and their leadership as well as the important revenue generation teams. Improving one without the other reduces the effectiveness of any growth initiative, not to mention the effectiveness of sustainable improvement.

Designed to develop your people, both personally and professionally, our powerful series of programs create the mindset shift and resourceful behaviours to substantially raise the performance of your organisation. Our programs are fully customised, interactive and results driven.

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What Results can you Expect?

  • A high performance culture
  • Self motivated and inspired people
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Employees taking responsibility
  • Growth in revenue, profit and market share
  • A higher degree of loyalty from your clients and employee

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Outcomes not Features and Benefits
11 Jun
STOP. Feature and Benefits selling - this is old school and so focused on you, your product/service NOT them - their real problems, their motivations, their desires and their needs to get outcomes ROI.
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Choose Which of These Two Assessments are More Predictive of Sales Success
10 Jun
Most people have little sense as to how assessments compare to each other - and even more have experience only with personality and behavioral styles assessments
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The Secrets Of Influence
9 Jun
This is from a story about Pre Suasion or as we like to call it Pre Framing on the LA Times - worth a read.

If you want to influence people don't try to persuade them. Use ‘pre-suasion’ instead.
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