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  • Organisational Culture/Value Alignment Review
  • Team Effectiveness Analysis
  • Leadership/Management Team Analysis
  • Emotional Intelligence Review
  • Sales Team Best Practice Benchmarking
  • Sales Team Effectiveness Analysis
  • Sales Team Training Analysis
  • CRM Utilisation and Adoption Analysis
  • Pipeline Analysis
  • Developing a Sales/Business Development Culture Review
  • Value Proposition Review
  • Performance Improvement Review



To make a change, you must have a new thought.

To cement the change, you must take action.

Keith J. Cunningham

SG Partners

We are a niche consulting company whose sole aim is to improve the results from your team efforts in generating more revenue, increasing margins, growing market share and creating even more loyal clients. Watch to find out more or scroll to the bottom and read our blogs. 



SG Partners is a boutique organisational improvement company specialising in leadership and team development.

All of our associates are highly trained in identifying and understanding barriers that limit improvements and the psychological engagement required to assist people to reach their true potential. Imagine your people striving to provide even more output, smoother systems and better processes together with even more team spirit and less friction!

Typically we work with the owner/managing director, CEO and their leadership aswell as the important revenue generation teams. Improving one without the other reduces the effectiveness of any growth initiative, not to mention the effectiveness of sustainable improvement.

Designed to develop your people, both personally and professionally, our powerful series of programs create the mindset shift and resourceful behaviours to substantially raise the performance of your organisation. Our programs are fully customised, interactive and results driven.


WE are passionate about assisting people in understanding their barriers to grow and providing the tools & strategies that inspires your people to create a compelling future for themselves and your company.

Giving a Shift – Our greatest purpose is helping you succeed

Sustainable change is based upon mindset shifts. We excel at understanding and assisting people to shift. We are not the "yes" people. If you want even better outcomes, we are your facilitators, your transformers - you will be challenged because that is how we grow - by getting uncomfortable with the status quo.

Trusted – We expect ethical and trustworthy relationships to be mutual between each other.

Our best clients and results come from transparent and open dialogue. 

Integrity - Everything we do and expect from others is with the highest integrity.

We want to align with clients who also demonstrate and expect this value. We know, and you know when it is right, there are no shortcuts here

Be Appreciated – Worth and expertise of both parties are recognised.

We have a 'do whatever it takes' motto, and we put it towards every opportunity. 

Rewarded - There is no better feeling then when work is rewarded. We want to feel rewarded, and ensure our clients feel rewarded.

Fulfillment – On both sides’ promises are achieved, and success is the outcome.

We are outcome focused, results orientated, and so are our clients.

  • a high performance culture
  • self motivated and inspired people
  •  improved employee engagement
  •  employees taking responsibility
  • masters in communication, negotiation and influencing skills
  • every sales opportunity maximized
  • growth in revenue, profit and marketshare
  • a higher degree of loyalty from your clients and employee
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  • We needed to grow our business significantly. Our sales team is spread around the world and we wanted to know what type of investment was needed and who would benefit from training/coaching.We had many questions around the effectiveness of our current team and what we needed to do differently to grow.
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    About SGP's Revenue Improvement Analysis
  • Better than any course I have attended previously. Fantastic, knowledgeable speaker. This was not your typical rar-rar over the top sales seminar. Was more about the psychology of selling. SG Partners has really helped me to understand the customer and their needs including how to get the most of out them.
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    About SGP's Sales Team Improvement
  • We engaged SG Partners to utilise their sales candidate screening tool. We had employed a BDM on the east coast with this tool and it was invaluable so when we were recruiting for a west coast BDM we wanted to utilise the same tool.
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    About SGP's Sales Team Selection
  • The workshop was excellent!!! I highly rate this course, in particular the trainer’s ability to get the message across clearly. This course has boosted my confidence in dealing with staff and customers. I would highly recommend it to any business.
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    About SGP's Leadership Improvement
  • Custom Fluidpower engaged SG Partners to assist in its presentation collateral and how it was to present at industry gatherings and for client presentations.Their understanding of how to engage an audience both verbally, visually and via stage presence is unique.
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    About SGP's Market Engagement

What our clients say

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About SGP's Revenue Improvement Analysis.

quotes_greySG Partners Sales Team Analysis was easy to conduct, very non invasive to our team and only took a short time to complete.

quotes_greyThe resulting report was very illuminating. The data gave us insights we would not normally have had and has allowed us to plan and implement future growth strategies for our team.

quotes_greyImportantly, it has provided an objective perspective of our team and who we want to move forward with and who we should reconsider investing further in.

quotes_greyI would recommend SG Partners Sales Team Analysis to any company wanting to know how to get even more from their sales team, what to focus on and what ROI could be obtained from any investment plan.

About SGP's Sales Team Improvement

quotes_greySGP’s workshop will assist me to break down the sales process, specifically face to face meetings and illicit deeper customer buying drivers.  I recommend SG Partners because of the depth of integrity, care and passion with which SG Partners construct and deliver their training and programmes.

quotes_greyThe SG Partners online training and coaching has really benefited me. The content and flow of coaching has kept me engaged. I have implemented the learning and coaching tips and have found  a change in not only my engagement, but indeed the response I am getting from my customers. I can highly recommend SG Partners online sales modules and coaching.   

About SGP's Sales Team Selection

quotes_greyWe found the results provided a deeper insight of whether the candidates were hunters and would cold call. We wanted to know what their consultative selling skill sets were – not to mention closing skills. Importantly we liked the insight the report provided on their strengths and weaknesses as a BDM and whether they would hit the ground running.

quotes_greyI have no hesitation in recommending SG Partners Sales Candidate Screening tool to assist in understanding even more about candidates and providing a higher degree of certainty in their sales abilities.

About SGP's Business Leadership Improvement

quotes_greyMichael Lang facilitated a very tricky workshop for us recently. We aggregated our alliance partners, all whom are great facilitators in their own right, to work through some of our marketing and go-to-market strategy. 

quotes_greyIt was a challenging event and Michael kept us moving forward. He extracted the best from us and ensured we stayed on track. His use of language and laughter kept the environment harmonious and upbeat. Everyone participated with great insights and fervour. We are very happy with the outcome.

About SGP's Market Engagement

quotes_greyThey were able to provide assistance with presentation strategy, copy write, PPT/visual flow, training of presenter and engagement of the audience in a very short period of time.

quotes_greyCustom Fluidpower achieved their outcome and look forward to utilising the skills and presentation flow for future opportunities.

quotes_greyWe have no hesitation in recommending SG Partners services if you are looking for a great presenting skill base which truly engages the audience

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